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Karikh Baba Temple-Saran Bihar

Karikh baba Mandir, the Temple of Baba karikh is situated in dighra, in saran District in the State of BiharIndia. It is only 5 km from Parsa town on the Parsa Saran State Highway-73.

A village is situated 20 km from District headquarters in the south-west direction where there is a junction station “sitalpur” of the east railway of the parsa-saran section and the hajipur-chhapra loop-line. In the middle of village there is an old temple.

Where is karikha baba temple in bihar.

There is many temple of karikh baba temple in bihar one of is located in parsa saran bihar 841219.

Location-Marar dighra parsa saran bihar,841219

Birth place of karikh baba

According to oldager in village birth place of karikh baba is in

Karikh Baba Puja Date 2023

Karikh baba puja will be start this year in May and people are very excite for this and villager are already started prepration for this.

Karikh baba puja Start Date- 04 May 2023.

Karikh baba puja End Date- 09 May 2023.

Karikh baba puja schedule 2023
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